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Tracking System

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See how often, when and where people scan your QR Codes. All data collected is in real time, certainly making you want to check back in again and again. Scan reports sum up all relevant information, making it easy for you to see how well your campaign is doing.

Scan Statistics

Find out how many people scan your QR Codes, and even when and where they do so.

Scan Reports

Export your detailed campaign analysis and share it with your colleagues or clients.

our features

Dashboard allows users to easily manage QR codes from a centralized location with a number of key features, including.

Track Unique Visitors

For each QR Code we track Number of Unique Visitors Number of Total Scans Average Scan Rate per day First and last scan date.

Location Tracking

For each scan we track the location which includes Country .

Device Tracking

We track the devices who scan your codes by Operating System.

Google Analytics Integration

our platform have detailed tracking data for your QR code campaigns, it also allows you to connect with Google Analytics.

our system

System for tracking allows you to view the scan activity on each QR Code.


Users by Location

Custom Chart

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